Our Story 

Anonymous Art Studios was created by Jason H Toole in the early 2000’s. It began as a screen printing business with geometric designs, psychedelic abstract paintings and monogram writings that can be read both backwards and forwards.

It is the love of Art that brought Liya and Jason together. They met at an artists workshop in Atlanta and soon she brought her flare for the colorful soothing medium of watercolor and oil painting into the studio.They married in 2012 and have continued to carry their love for the arts with them throughout the years. Together they complement each other’s style and make Anonymous Art Studios a very diverse and eclectic blend of paintings, products and inspirations.

They both believe the world of the arts to be a free-flowing, ever evolving and non-conforming expression of what is capable when the human mind is unleashed. Whether the idea comes in the form of an invention, a painting, a product, or in writing, our imaginations are endless and therefore should be allowed to venture into any concept they conceive.

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